How to Swap Out the Battery in Your Barnes and Noble Nook

If you own a Barnes and Noble Nook E-Reader, you may need to learn how to change the battery at some point. This process involves removing some screws, which can be confusing if you’ve never done it before. Make sure to get your hands on all of the necessary tools so that you don’t damage your device in the process of changing its battery.

Here’s what you need

When you’re ready to replace your battery, you will need a #00 Phillips screwdriver. Follow these steps: Gently remove any dust, lint, or dirt from your reader’s screen using a soft microfiber cloth. Use it to dry off your screen if necessary, as wet screens can cause problems with your device while it’s being repaired. Remove all of the screws on top of your reader using a #00 Phillips screwdriver and lay them out in an organized fashion for later use. Take out both screws that are located at either end of your reader and place them back together so that they will be accessible later when it comes time to put them back into place.

Removing the back cover

The first step is removing your e-reader’s back cover. First, flip your device over and remove any rubber or plastic pieces that protect it from water or dust (if applicable). Next, you will see a flat piece of plastic covering two small screws; unscrew these with a small Phillips head screwdriver. Now gently pull on one end of the back cover until it pops off. Be careful not to scratch or bend any of its edges. You should now be able to see a battery resembling a CD jewel case inside; grab hold of it with both hands and lift it out. Place it on top of your e-reader for now, as you’ll want it nearby when you replace your battery’s new home.

Removing battery connector

Open up your e-reader by removing all of the screws on the back. The battery will be underneath a connector; slide it off from your device, then replace it with a new one. If you have any questions or need assistance swapping out your Barnes and Noble Nook battery, call our customer service team at 1-888-232-4800 for help.

Replace the battery with a new one

Before you can start changing batteries, you’ll need a new one. Make sure that you get your battery from a reputable source since knock-off batteries might not work as well or even pose safety risks. If you’re buying it online, make sure that it’s compatible with your eReader model; make sure there aren’t any reviews saying that it caused damage to their device.

Replace the cover of Barnes and Noble Nook

The battery is embedded in a sealed compartment in your Nook. In order to swap it out, you need to remove some screws from your device’s cover, which can be accessed by unscrewing several Phillips head screws from behind your Nook’s screen. If you have trouble unscrewing these screws using a Phillips head screwdriver, apply a small amount of hand lotion or soap along with additional pressure for leverage. Once you’ve removed these screws, pry open your device’s cover using a flathead screwdriver or butter knife. You might notice that some residue has leaked from within your battery compartment; if so, clean it up before continuing with the next steps (i.e., don’t touch it).

Charge the battery (Optional, but recommended.)

If you don’t want to wait, you can charge your new battery before swapping it with your old one. To do so, plug it into your Nook for about an hour. Don’t worry if there isn’t a charge indicator light on—the light turns on only when charging is complete. The manual states that a full charge should take about 4 hours using the AC adapter, but it takes mine 6–8 hours (and I’ve never been able to figure out why). While you’re waiting for yours to charge, we’ll move on to Step 2.


After you’ve pried open your Nook, reassemble it by screwing its parts back together. (You can save screws if you label them before taking them out.) It may take a few tries, but once your device is put back together, it should be as good as new—with a brand-new battery! If you have trouble doing it on your own, try calling your local B&N for help; employees there have helped many customers swap out their batteries. I’ve even heard of some who swapped out their battery more than 10 times before giving up on their old eReader. There is no shame in upgrading to a new device when the time comes!

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