How to Permanently Delete Your Instagram Account

Instagram Account has become such an integral part of our lives that it’s easy to think of the photo-sharing app as almost being like a limb or a vital organ – when something goes wrong with your leg, you go to the doctor and seek treatment, and in order to make sure that your Instagram account stays safe and secure, it’s important to learn how to delete an Instagram account permanently. This can be done in two ways: you can delete your account in-app, or you can delete your Instagram account through their website. Here’s how to do both!

About Instagram

In just a few short years, Instagram has become one of most popular social networks. The app is currently being used by over 500 million users around the world who post and share pictures and videos to their followers.

However, for many new users, it can be tough to figure out exactly how everything works. When it comes to privacy on your account, you want your personal information not shared with anyone unless you’re ok with it. That’s why we’ve put together an easy-to-follow guide that will teach you how to permanently delete your Instagram account without any hassle at all! So if you’re ready to start fresh, keep reading below for instructions on how to delete your Instagram account. You won’t regret it!

Because Facebook owns Instagram, there are actually two different ways to delete your account. If you go through Facebook, you have more options when deleting your profile. If you choose to go through Instagram directly though, things get a little more difficult. Regardless of which option you choose though, deleting your profile is simple once you know what steps to take!

You can delete your account

Yes, really. It’s not a feature you can find on Instagram’s website or app, but deleting your account is actually a pretty simple process. Here’s how it works: The first step is navigating over to your profile page and tapping on Settings & Privacy. Next, tap Delete my account and select Next. Then, type in your password and username one last time before hitting Submit.

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What happens when you delete your account

When you delete your account, your photos and videos will be removed from public view. However, they won’t be deleted from Instagram’s servers; they’ll simply become private as if you had set them as friends only. As we said above, deleting an account is a process that takes up to 24 hours. Once it’s gone, it’s gone for good—you can’t get it back without registering a new account. So think carefully before hitting that delete button. Or not: if you no longer want an Instagram account, deleting one is pretty easy. All you have to do is go into your settings and follow these steps .

Here’s how to permanently delete your Instagram account. It’s simple enough! And don’t worry about losing all of those precious memories your photos are still stored on Instagram’s servers, even after you’ve deleted your account. To access them again, just make a new account! There are two ways to delete your Instagram account: The first way is through your mobile device. Go to Settings > General > Account > Delete my Account (if you’re using Android) or tap Deactivate Account (if you’re using iOS). Then enter your password, confirm by tapping OK, and voila! You’re done. The second way is through a desktop computer or laptop.

Can you reactivate an account?

Once you delete your account, it’s gone forever. There is no getting it back. Unfortunately, if you regret deleting your account and want to reactivate it, you can’t. All of your pictures will still be visible on Instagram though because they belong to users. Who has posted them or have brands that have paid for the rights to share them with their followers? Don’t worry though: once your content is deleted, there won’t be any way for someone else to access or recover it—unless they take screenshots while they can! This also means that anyone who has already saved your images won’t be able to do so after you delete your account. So make sure to save anything important before permanently saying goodbye to your profile.

In addition, even if an Instagram user deletes their account, other people are free to keep sharing photos under that username. So other people may continue using it even after you close yours down.

Is there a waiting period?

No, unlike on Facebook, it’s possible to delete your account permanently on Instagram. However, you won’t be able to reactivate your account once you’ve deleted it. So make sure you want to say goodbye forever before pressing that button. Also, there is a bit of a grey area around when exactly your content will disappear from people’s feeds. And their archives—it could take up to a month for it all to be taken down.

The most important thing is not using your account in that time period; even if someone sees something after your account is gone. They can’t do anything with it anymore (like repost it or use it as inspiration for future work). If you’re still unsure about deleting your account, remember: It’s okay to keep an Instagram profile without posting any photos at all. You can follow friends and brands while keeping your own activity private. And if you decide to come back later, well, nothing has been lost! Just log into your new account like normal.

It takes 30 days to actually close your account: Once you’ve decided to leave, however. You have 30 days to log out of every device and browser where you’re logged into Instagram. After that grace period passes, you’ll no longer be able to access your profile from anywhere on earth.

Now is also a good time to clean up:

Before you delete your account, think about what kind of experience you want potential employers. Or clients who might find your feed during a Google search would have. Do some pruning by unfollowing anyone who posts spammy ads or irrelevant content, like memes or Motivation Monday quotes.

You can always re-follow them later if you change your mind. You can also hide any pictures that are too personal for public consumption—just tap and hold on one of them, then tap Hide from Profile. This will make sure that only people with whom you’ve shared a direct link to that photo will be able to see it (and they’ll need to approve it before they do). To bring these photos back, simply open them in their own tab and tap Unhide.

What does it cost?

When you delete your account, it’s gone for good and there’s no going back. You won’t be able to reactivate it and you’ll need to start building your followers again from scratch. If you want an archived version of all your posts. Use a third-party app like Websta or Instagrate before deactivating your account.

These apps can also save a copy of all of your photos so that you don’t lose them forever—and they’re a great way to make sure. That once you do delete your account, there’s a safety net in place. Make sure you have a backup plan: While deleting your account is relatively easy, removing yourself from people’s memories is another story.

It may take months (or years) for someone to forget about you on Instagram if they don’t follow any other accounts related to yours—and even then, how likely are they to remember what your profile looked like? For example, we haven’t heard anyone talking about @unmarketing_ at all since he deleted his account three years ago (I wish I could say we were upset about it).

Be prepared for some awkward conversations with friends who still try and talk about things you’ve posted after you’ve deleted your profile. But remember that it isn’t their fault—they just haven’t had time to update their feed! Follow these steps to permanently delete your Instagram account:

Click on Settings in the top right corner of your screen.

Click Privacy Scroll down until you see Deactivate Your Account click here Select Yes, please delete my account. Choose a reason for why you’re leaving and click Next. Enter your password one last time and click Confirm. The final step is waiting out a 15-day grace period where Instagram gives users time to change their minds. After 15 days, everything will be deleted and you’ll officially be out of social media life.

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